Monday, August 13, 2007

the post with no name

I was doing some multiple texting today and whilst clearing out my inbox I came across a message from a bloke I used to houseshare with. The message included the MySpace URL for his new band. When we shared the house he was completing his music degree and his instrument of choice was classical guitar. This meant I was treated to much beautiful music in the 4 or 5 years we lived together. At the same time we also shared the house with two techno djs and a jungle dj (Big up Scott Logan, Mad Dog and The Don Rosco). It was a very big house. Given the musically diverse backgrounds of the occupants it meant that there was always something interesting on the turntable.

Although he plied his trade with the Dublin Guitar Quartet for a number of years, it appeared my old housemate always had a yearning to go back to his rock based roots. This is evident in the work of his current band The Souphounds and you can check out their MySpace here. Apple Pie is great.

On their MySpace i noticed that they were 'friends' with amongst others Fight Like Apes, 2-Bit and The Sick & Indigent Song Club. Peculiarly enough myself and The Sick & Indigent Song Club have a mutual friend. The mutual friend is a farmer in West Cork and when I was in his house a couple of weeks ago there was a picture of the band on the wall. I knew one of the members from college years ago and pointed this out to aforesaid farmer. He then told me that the band had played in his living room a few months before to a very appreciative crowd of his neighbours. As this weird trip continued another friend put some 'Crisp & Dry' cooking oil on a stiff scissors and proceeded to cut the farmers hair. Just as the haircut was finished there was a phonecall to say that the farmers bull had broken out of the field so he had to leg it. Myself and the barber then walked about 4 miles over a mountain to get home for dinner. I'm not sure why I'm writing this down but it's all sounds funny in my head if that's any defence.

On a completely unrelated topic, I came across a tune today that I hadn't heard in years. It's by a bloke from Estonia (I think) called Pastakas and he lives in a forest somewhere and makes great music. Or at least he used to. Here it is:

Tumedasse Tuppa - Pastakas

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