Sunday, August 5, 2007

man about town

I brought the kids into town today to see the toy exhibition in The Ark. They had one of those Darth Vader Carry Cases that held the full range of Star Wars figures. It reminded me of a childhood friend, Alan Brennan, who had every single figure for it. I'm sure that would be worth a few quid if he still has it. They also had other bits and pieces like the original 'Transformers', 'Bert & Ernie' and 'The Big Yellow Teapot' . The exhibition is on for the next couple of weeks and its only €5 in.

I forgot that I sorted out some uploadability of music a few weeks ago. Here's my second attempt at it. It's a piece of irresistible soul/funk that oozes a bit of sleaze to boot. Classic stuff. Enjoy.

Keep it Up - Milton Wright

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