Wednesday, August 8, 2007

tiny tunes

Although I promised never to set foot in Freebird Records again I somehow found myself strangely drawn to it yesterday. And thank goodness that I did because I chanced upon a seven inch piece of vinyl called 'Radio Riot' by the band Tiny Masters of Today. It turns out that the Tiny Masters are a brother and sister combo Ivan and Ada who hail from New York. They are respectively, 13 and 11 years old and make garage punk music with the help of some 'big' people. They're reminiscent of another band from the States (except that these guys are from Seattle) called Smoosh but only in that they're also two siblings who like to make garage punk music. Smoosh released a great seven inch vinyl single a while back called LA Pump and it rocked. What is it with all these kids rocking out when they should be at summer camp. It's great. Listen to Radio Riot by the Tiny Masters here

I also picked up the latest seven by Arcade Fire, it's another release from the Neon Bible album and I'm very fond of it. Arcade Fire (or their designer or whoever) have gone to the trouble of making very nice covers for their last three singles. I just thought I'd mention that in case it was overlooked.

I've been using the Facebook thingy a bit more these days to get a buzz going with mates. I'm really digging the 'ilike dedication' thingy where you can dedicate songs to other people you know on it. I've also been sucked into their music quiz. Mind you a loy of the questions are about bands like Weezer and All American Rejects, and to be honest i know fuck all about that kind of music. To be really honest, I think I'd like to keep it that way.

It was birthday today and my good lady wife bought me a new bike and brought me for dinner. It was great.


mp3hugger said...

Happy 5th birthday.

mp3hugger said...

ps Make sure you wear your knee guards.

from another kid.

Matt Vinyl said...

She said that I could take the stabilisers off in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
Chris from Freebird Records here just saying hello and have a great week,pity on the AF tickets we had a good few up to 11.30,ah well.
Look after yourself.

Matt Vinyl said...

If that is Chris, that's fucking hilarious. You can't even bitch about record stores on a blog these days without getting caught. Brilliant.