Monday, September 17, 2007

the breakdance podcast you've been waiting for

It's time for me to revisit my youth and to head back to the suburnan wasteland of Dublin. Not quite New York but still a hotbed of breakdancing activity. I strolled down to the local record store, Sounds Cool, and picked up a copy of 'Breakdance You Can Do It' which I'd seen advertised on TV. It was a K-Tel compilation and used lots of the popular breakdance tunes of the day except they re-recorded them with session musicians so they wouldn't have to pay royalties or something. A free poster came with the album which gave a pictorial demonstration on how to both moonwalk and bodypop. Needless to say it was only a matter of days before I was proficient.

Anyhow, I've dusted off a few seven inches and a couple of 12" remixes and I've presented them here for your collective listening pleasure. Let's get busy with the fizzy. The tracks are as follows:

Hey You Rock Steady Crew - Rock Steady Crew
Street Dance - Break Machine
Buffalo Gals - Malcolm McLaren
Automatic - The Pointer Sisters
Din Daa Daa - George Kranz
Breakdance Party - Break Machine
Tour De France - Kraftwerk
Step Off - Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five
Rockit - Herbie Hancock


nialler9 said...


great stuff matt!

Charlie said...

Agreed, it's a real blast from the past and I really loved hearing ol' Buffalo Gals again...Break Dance Party hasn't aged well though has it?

Matt Vinyl said...

I'm all dizzy from the headspins.