Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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Story Folks? Between diggin out old tunes for the Breakdance podcast I've also managed to pick up a few new musical bits and pieces as well as one secondhand release. I'll begin with the latter. It's a Klute remix of Koobesq, a track by King Kooba, on the SecondSkin label. It was released back in 1999 around that time when a drum and bass remix of your track was de rigeur for all vinyl releases. During this time there was many a shite remix done Drum and Bass producers who were looking for a few easy quid. There were however a small number of producers who put a little bit of effort into their sideline work. Klute is one of that variety. Everything he touched back then would turn to musical gold. His older stuff on Certificate 18 records was great. Most of his work between 95 and 99 was top drawer. This remix is no exception. Clear crisp beats and a dreamy atmosphere untypical of the generic coffe table shite that was being churned out by others. I lost track of him around 1999 but apparently he's still releasing stuff on Breakbeat Science. Good luck to him.

I picked up Peaches by the Dub Pistols the other day. I was impressed by their set at the recent Electric Picnic. This release features Rodney P waxing lyrical over the a reworking of the original The Stranglers tune. It's radio-friendly and I've already heard some shit Irish radio station do a version of it on their breakfast show. Fuckin eejits. Listen to it here.

I'll quickly plough through the other stuff. I got my hands on the latest seven inch release by Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip. It's called 'The beat that my heart skips'. It's great. Listen to it here.

I picked up the latest 7" by The White Stripes. It's called 'You don't know what love is' and its more of the same Led Zeppelinesque stuff from their Icky Thump album. Check it out here.

'Solta O Frango' is the latest release from Bonde Do Role and you can listen to it here. It's like an electronic 'Agadoo' mixed with some Amazulu but with a freaky Brazilian twist. Classic madness.

I broke my usual habits and bought a new 12". It's on the Belgian based 'Mindless Boogie' label and its a re-edit of Joe Walsh's 'Country Fair'. I am referring to Joe Walsh, ex-member of The Eagles, as opposed to Jow Walsh of JWT fame. The tune itself is of the finest quality. It lies somewhere in between the wanky side of prog rock and sheer brilliance. You can listen to a thirty seconds of it here.

Last but not least is the new album 'Insect Funk' by Elmore Judd out now on Honest Jon's record label. I've just listened to it once but I'm diggin it. Check some of it out here.


econgirl said...

When I read posts like this I realise how uncool I am - still at least I've heard The beat that my heart skipped!

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