Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'd rather jack's

Whilst reading a couple of recent posts I noticed some poor spelling in some of them. I'll have you no dat my spooling is reelly not that bad, it's just that I tend to write posts late at night, under the influence and never bother with the spellchecker. Anyways, apologies if I've offended any sticklers out there.

Further to an earlier post it appears that The House of Love are playing tomorrow night in The Village here in Dublin. I'm not sure if I'm going to bother going. It's €25 for a start and I think that might be too high a price to pay for a bit of nostalgia. I reckon I'll just listen to the album again instead. I'll even listen to 'Destroy the Heart' which arrived on 7" from Jack's Records in Sheffield last week. Thanks 'Jacks Records' for the prompt and efficient service.

I picked up the latest seven inch by Kid Acne yesterday and although I'm not pushed on the a-side, I'm liking the b-side after only two airings. The tune is called 'Sliding Doors' and it features on his new album 'Romance Ain't Dead' which was released on Lex Records last Monday. The b-side is a remix by Toddla T. Here's the excellent video for the song. However I should warn that model train enthusiasts might be offended by the contents.

I forgot last week to wish Dave, Julie and Dylan in Road Records a very happy 10th birthday. Happy Birthday.


Sylvia said...

Did I hear that Kid Acne lyric right?

"I like beans/I like sauce/I like sexual intercourse".

He could give Vanilla Ice a run for his money.

Matt Vinyl said...

he's got the rhymes alright? if you think he's good you should check out MC Pitman. his lyrics would make a docker blush

mp3hugger said...

Yeah I know what you mean about HOL, hard to turn it down considering they were running through their debut, but €25 is a lot to risk having memories of genius destroyed by a shoddy performance.

Matt Vinyl said...

I'll bet it was a great gig and everyone will be talking about it. Sod's Law