Sunday, September 9, 2007

don't look back in anger

Above you'll see two live songs from The House of Love. The first is called 'Destroy the Heart' and its my favourite tune by the band. There's also a great version of 'Man to Child' at the end of the clip.

The band have made a comeback of sorts over the last year or so. They've also signed up to do one of the Don't Look Back concerts in London in a few days time. The concept behind Don't Look Back is very intriguing. Bands from yesteryear are invited to perform a live version of a classic album. In this case The House of Love are performing their first album on Creation Records, the eponymously titled 'The House of Love'. This album doesn't actually include the song Destroy the Heart but it does feature some of their other great tunes including Christine, Hope and Salome. I was very fortunate to see the band two or three times during that era when they played here in Dublin. I particularly remember the gig in the SFX on Sherrard St when they were supported by The Power of Dreams. The SFX is now a block of apartments and if there is a God, then The Power of Dreams are buried under them.

A number of other well known bands have taken part in the 'Don't Look Back' gigs including Sonic Youth performing the 'Daydream Nation album and also Slint who performed their 'Spiderland' album here in Dublin earlier this year. I'd love to see the gig in London this week but I only found out about it today after reading this. I made a massive mistake about 18 years ago of selling a large amount of my record collection as it was then. Amongst the items sold was my copy of Destroy the Heart. I'm off to trawl the internet in search of a seven inch copy. I'll let you know how I fare.

UPDATE: I've a copy winging it's way to me from Jack's Records in Sheffield. Nice one.


mp3hugger said...

A truly great band. 'The Beatles & The Stones', 'Feel', 'Marble' and 'Crush Me' are classics. They still make it on to my CDR compilations.

Sinéad said...

I was a huge HOL fan, so many great songs. 'Christine' and 'Love in a Car' are two of my favourites. Oh and I was totally in love with Terry Bickers (who returns for this tour). I reckon it'll be well worth checking out.

Matt Vinyl said...

Terry was always a favourite with the young ladies. Poor aul Chadwick never got a look in.