Tuesday, September 11, 2007

cookin mc's like a pound of bacon

I had a dose of charity shop madness today when I purchased 'Ice Ice Baby' by Vanilla Ice. What can I say? It was an impulse buy! I'd paid for it before I could even think about it. As it turns out it's brilliant. It's worth it for the lyrics alone. I was wondering what happened to him but i didn't have to wonder long. I popped over to his website and in his biography I found the following:

"The new Vanilla Ice is exactly that; no image, no polished made up gimmicks created by record companies. I will never be a puppet for the industry again. From this point on I will keep it real. That's why I didn't change the name. It doesn't mean anything; it's only a label. It's not important, plus I am not running from anything or trying to hide. I want people to know that I face my adversaries."

Word up Vanilla! Like myself he's not going to be a puppet for the industry. Like myself he's going to keep it real. I never knew that I had so much in common with Vanilla. He's a fucking Trojan. He doesn't stop there. He gives us a glimpse of his humble side when he states:

"The media has a way of glamorizing what it's like to be a celebrity, and that's where people get the illusion, but the reality of it is much different. I'm not speaking from just my own experiences. Take a look at the track record, it speaks for itself, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Elvis, and lately Kurt Cobain. These celebrities had a hard time dealing with the reality of being famous. Many used drugs to escape from reality just as I did. It was the only way to find peace and happiness. The thing was, no matter how high I got I still had to come back reality and face it all again."

By the sound of it, Vanilla has not only escaped reality but has left all trace of it behind.

I should also mention that I picked up two other seven inches in the charity shop. The first is 'Tom's Diner' by DNA & Suzanne Vega. I hated this tune when it was released in 1990 but I've just played it and now I think it's great. Time heals all wounds. The other seven inch purchase was INXS' 'Need you tonight' which I also despised when it was released. I've just played it and I like it now too. Maybe I'm jumping the gun. On second thoughts I'd better listen to them again.

Feeling all dirty and depraved after salvaging the aforementioned vinyl I reckoned I'd attempt to repent by buying some new stuff. I picked up the new seven inch by 'Lucky Soul' and its called 'One kiss don't make a Summer'. It's a nice little ditty and you can listen to it here. If you like it then you can go and see them play on Sep 21st in the Speigeltent during the Dublin Fringe Festival.

Check out Vanilla Ice's fly moves and lyrical flow.


OneForTheRoad said...

word to your mother indeed.

i think i'm the only person in the world who's seen the Vanilla Ice movie - Cool As Ice - twice. By mistake.

He does a cool wheelie on a motorbike though.

Anonymous said...

'Ice Ice Baby' is my karaoke killer tune! I know all the lyrics without even needing to look at the screen, having learned them all back in 1990 or 91 when my brother bought the album.

"To the extreme/I rock a mic like a vandal/Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle".

I just have to work on the dance now. :)