Thursday, October 4, 2007

a needle in giant haystacks

I was over at The Observer music blog the other day and there was a long list of comments regarding peoples favourite tunes by all girl bands. I know what you're thinking, were there many votes for 'B*Witched' or 'Maxi, Dick & Twink'. Well as luck would have it, there weren't. I was going to leave a post but then you had to register and then I couldn't be bothered. One of the tunes that I was thinking of was 'Needle in a Haystack' by The Velvelettes. It's only magic. Someone has gone to the bother of recording their record player playing it and uploading it to YouTube. It wasn't me. Honest. Although funnily enough I think I have a turntable very similar to the one being used. Here it is.

I picked up a copy of a new magazine called 'Analogue' today. It's free, it's made in Dublin, it's about music and fucking surprise, surprise, it's actually very good. No pricking around trying to be a graphic art project just honest to goodness folk writing about music they like. It appears to have been written by a bunch of students from Trinity College and cobbled together using Microsoft Word and Photoshop. You know sometimes simplicity is perfectly acceptable and this is a case in point. Well done Analogue. Now don't let me down. They even have a website that works. Students have changed an awful lot since my day.

I'm working on an October podacst at the moment so I hope to put it up in the next few days. It's pulling between two directions at the moment but I hope to rectify that over the next couple of evenings.


dbspin said...

Cheers for the plug mate, blogs fantastic by the way.

dbspin said...

this is Gareth and Bren from analogue by the way.

Matt Vinyl said...

nice one. well done on the magazine. I'm always giving out about the shite magazines even though they're free. I enjoyed yours.