Monday, October 1, 2007

Matt Vinyl's Newsround

Here's the latest vinyl offerings on seven inch format that have crossed Matt's threshold over the last week or so. Some are prize finds whilst others will just take up that extra bit of space on the shelves for posterity (or until I give them to a charity shop).

First up and best dressed is Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier. I remember this tune from a programme called MT USA that was broadcast here in Ireland in the early eighties. If I remember correctly the video featured a bunch of rastas in Union Army uniforms from the American civil war. It made quite an impression at the time but it wouldn't be one of my favourite Marley tunes. The b-side however is a dub excursion of the tune and its a blinder. It's bubblin'.

Next up is the latest offering from Dublin band Fight Like Apes called Jake Summers. It's a fine piece of electro garage rock if that's even a genre. If it wasn't then it is now. There's a bit of shouting and bad language involved and this very much lends to its appeal. It gets very urgent sounding towards the end and then kind of fizzles out. A perfect pop record by my standards. You can listen to it on their MySpace here.

Dinosaur Jr have released another seven inch from their new(ish) album called 'Crumble' I think. I don't have it to hand and I haven't even listened to it yet but I know its going to be good. What with Thurston Moore and J Mascis back in such great form all thats needed now to relive my teenage youth is a reunion of My Bloody Valentine. Perhaps I might even get the old band back together so that I can pretend I'm a rock star myself. Maybe not! That's best left to the likes of Human League.

Amy Winehouse has finally released 'Tears Dry on their Own' one of the finest tunes form her recent album. I first saw her perform the tune on Jools Hollands' Later a number of months ago. It's a trip back in musical history to the sixties. The voice, the backing band, the production. The business. It has a New Young Pony Club remix on the flip. You can watch the video for the original here.

Kate Nash' 'Mouthwash' is the latest release from the English chanteuse. She's playing here in Dublin on November 17th in The Ambassador. Apparently Kate was born in Dublin so all her cousins will probably be there. Thank jaysus she doesn' sing her tunes in a Dublin accent. It wouldn't be half as quirky as her London twang. Anyway I like the new tune.

Finally, I picked up the current number one record in the British singles charts. 'About you now' is the latest release by The Sugababes and it's really not that good. I bought it because it had a remix by Kissy Sell Out on the b-side but it's not that good either. It sounds a bit like Daft Punk gone wrong. You can listen to the remix here.

The only clip I could find of MT USA was a report from Belfast. This is not the MT USA that I remember but it is absolutely brilliant nonetheless. You have to hang on until the dying seconds of the clip to see the MT USA logo and accompanying shit eighties jingle. Enjoy.


mp3hugger said...

Not so cool jumper, location choices (lorry noises, city center rocks?) or beard but he had plenty of fizz that Belfast correspondant. Good to see Energy Orchard mentioned too, used to like them.

OneForTheRoad said...

My da used to record MT USA for us when it was on and we'd watch it after school the next day...good times

Matt Vinyl said...

my sunday afternoon was not complete without MT USA followed swiftly by Ripleys Believe it or Not starring Jack Palance.