Saturday, September 29, 2007

bashment juggling

I stumbled across this blog whilst traversing the blogosphere the other day. I was on the web looking for information about RDK HI-FI, a Brixton based soundsystem that I'd seen about 10 years ago in the Da Club just off Clarendon Street. It was a spliffing evening and the bass was rumbling in a jocular fashion. It was one of the best reggae experiences I've had in my life. A mate of mine bought their seven inch offering at the gig, a tune called 'Such is Life'. It was a reworking of an old reggae riddim by Lord Creator and Lee Perry from back in the seventies.I've somehow managed to come into its possession and I'm not complaining that i did. I was listening to it the other day and it was so good that I had to find out if they were still going. They never went away you know and they're busy creating dub vibrations in their home town of Brixton and all across Europe. Anyhow, The Clash Blogger, blogs all about reggae and has great mixes uploaded. It hasn't been updated since June but check it out for the older mixes.

Closer to home, tonight sees the Inishbofin Conemara Roots Festival take place. It has a smashing reggae line-up alongside the more usual suspects you get at any festival with the word roots in it's title. Some of the featured artists and soundsystems are Natty Wailer, Revelation Soundsystem and Rootical Soundsystem. Big up all Inishbofin Massive.

Finally, a new fanzine/magazine dedicated to the wobbly world of dubstep and all things reggae related has hit Dublin town. It caught a ride on a cheap Ryanair flight from London Town and landed in All City Records the other day. Resident shopkeeper Cool C handed me a copy and its only in hindsight that I'm wondering if I was meant to pay for it. The publication is titled 'Woofah' and one of its contributors is Dublin based DJ and longtime reggae/ragga anorak, The Droid. The Droid brings a wonderful diligence to his musical work that is rarely seen in DJ's. He makes any other DJ look like a lazy bastard. Droid, alongside two other stalwarts of Dublins music scene, Slug and Naphta, also run the website. Woofah is available from All City, Spindizzy, City Discs and Reggae Family here in Dublin. If you're in the UK there's loads of stockists there.

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