Thursday, November 29, 2007

57 channels (well, a basic NTL package) and nothing on

There I was, flicking through the telly box last night when who crops up on Dave Fannings 'The Last Broadcast' but none other than one of the blokes who kept me awake through the Friday night of the most recent Electric Picnic. He wasn't stopping me from sleeping by plying me with barbituates and intoxicants but was using the old fashioned method of singing very loudly. Apparently he's The Mighty Stef and he was much quieter when he was being interviewed by Mr Fanning. I would have thought that he might have used the opportunity to broadcast his voice to a wider audience, but instead he was all soft spoken and genteel. How come he wasn't so demure at 5 in the morning down at the Electric Picnic.

He has a few gigs coming up in the next few weeks supporting Jape.

7 Dec 2007 Roisin Dubh [w/Jape] Galway
8 Dec 2007 Nerve Centre [w/Jape] Derry
9 Dec 2007 Speakeasy [w/Jape] Belfast

Go along and shout some David Bowie tunes at him.

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