Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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Here is the first purpose built mix on the new hosting site. It's stuffed choc-a-bloc with some smashing tunes that I've lifted from my vinyl vaults. Some are very recent whilst some of the others needed the dust blown from them. It starts and finishes with different versions of the same song, namely Whip It, and two more different versions you won't find elsewhere. Squeezed in between is a sprinkling of sunshine sounds. It's an altogether heady musical mix that will thrill, delight and shock. Actually it probably won't shock as there's nothing untoward in it. Enjoy. The tracklist is:

1. Globo - Whip It
2. Jim Noir - All Right
3. Human League - These are the things (Kohncke Mix)
4. Feist - Sealion (Chromeo Mix)
5. Ladytron - Destroy Everything (Hot Chip Mix)
6. The Frank & Walters - Fashion Crisis Hits New York
7. DEVO - Whip It

The November Mix - Matt Vinyl


mp3hugger said...

'I saw an old man he was eating his fork', now that is shocking.

Matt Vinyl said...

Pop stars these days. Whatever happened to a good old drug habit. Cutlery eating. Whatever next?

I Prefer The Obscure Remix said...

Devo - Whip It - Awesome!!
Will we be treated to a Podcast of the 7" highlights of 2007?
The year in vinyl, according to Matt!
It's going on my Christmas list anyway.

Matt Vinyl said...

Christ on a bike! There's an idea. I'll have to do a 2007 roundup.

I Prefer The Obscure Remix said...

Brilliant stuff!
There'll be enough end of year album lists to keep us all occupied. But the 7", now there's a format. How many great tracks are out there that never even made it onto an album, CD, or mp3? Think of all those wonderful remixes.
Looking forward to your selection!

National Disgrace said...

Gotta love the Hot Chip mix of Destroy...