Thursday, November 22, 2007

far away hills are greener

I've soaked up all my bandwidth on my Podomatic site. I even deleted a few mixes thinking that it would free up some space. Needless to say it didn't. As such I've decided to pay $5 (about €1 in our money) a month to my new friends in Libsyn (thanks 20).

I wasn't arsed getting a new mix together so I've just started with the last mix from the old site. I like a bit of continuity so I do. It doesn't seem to offer the facility of creating a badge for Blogger so you'll have to do without fancy pictures and the like. You can get the tracklist in the original post.

I've just listened to the mix again and I think its great, but of course I'd say that. Anyway here's the link if you're arsed.

Matt Vinyls' October Mix - The Best October Mix Ever!

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