Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Here's to a happy new year to all readers who subscribe to the Gregorian calendar. For all other persuasions you can take this post as a belated/early new year wish. You'll have to excuse the lack of activity but I've been on a hiatus what with the celebrations. I've just returned from a New Year break in West Cork which was as always very pleasant. The stay was tinged with some sadness when I heard that the actor Peter Caffrey died. This followed the death of Peter's brother, Dave, in July 2007. Dave Caffrey contributed much to the arts and social scene in Allihies, West Cork for many years. His brother, Peter, was also a regular visitor to Allihies. Here's to two men who contibuted much during their lifetimes.

On a happier note I'm looking forward to all the new music that I'll be listening to in 2008. As I come across the good stuff you can rest assured that I'll give it a mention here. Similarly if you come across something that you think might appeal to my catholic (small C) tastes then be sure to leave a comment. Big up to all the fellow bloggers who linked here, I've enjoyed reading and listening to all your general and musical insights. I look forward to 2008. Bring it on.

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