Sunday, January 6, 2008

the year of the rat! wasn't that an Al Stewart song?

Hail fellows well met. I reckoned that after all the hubbub of Christmas and the New Year I'd bring things back to normal with the first Podcast of 2008. I might have to do another for the Chinese New Year on Feb 7th. This one includes seven tunes that appeared on seven inch vinyl or vinyl album. Most of the tunes were released at some point in 2007 but there are a couple of older gems also. The two oldies that feature are a tune from Jimmy Behan on the Road Relish label from 2001 and the original version of 'Popcorn' that featured on an album by Gershon Kingsley called 'Music to Moog By'. Both are well worth the inclusion in the podcast. The other tunes come from new blues supremo Seasick Steve, the quirky Los Angeles popsters The Bird and the Bee, the Uk trio Fujiya & Miyagi, and one each from the popular Go Team and The Editors. Suck it and see.

New Year Super Seven Tunes

Seasick Steve – Its all good
The Editors – Smokers outside the hospital doors
Jimmy Behan – Side Parting
The Bird & the Bee - Birds and the Bees
Fujiya & Miyagi – Uh!
The Go Team – The Wrath of Marcie
Gershon Kingsley - Popcorn


mp3hugger said...

Oh how very mainstream of you, popcorn and editors, fortunately I'm a sucker for both these devils of popular culture. cheers!

Matt Vinyl said...

I'm appealing to the lowest common denominator in 2008.

jusk said...

Am I the only person that finds The Go Team annoying? I saw them at EP and they were annoying too. Maybe I'm just a miserable bastard though.

Cheers for the podcast though, Seasick Steve I like.

Matt Vinyl said...

I didn't bother going to see them at the Electric Picnic myself. I've a few seven inches by them and the one on the podcast is actually my favourite so far. If I don't like something then I justify it by saying that I have very selective taste.

Seasick Steve is great. I'm snapping that I missed him in the Spiegeltent last year.