Wednesday, January 30, 2008

here comes the small hours

I hadn't popped into the Brooklyn Vegan site for ages so I thought I'd pay it a visit this evening. Whilst there I stumbled upon a remix of El Manana, the Gorillaz tune, by TTC. He in turn had found it over on the Genevan Heathens blog. It's a rather nice remix of it I have to admit. Nothing out of this world but very pleasant. The Parisien hip-hop producer, Para One, also seems to have had a hand in the tune.

The Genevan Heathen blog seems to have an obsession about using movie stills from 80's American movies and he appears to have an unhealthy interest in Corey Feldman. I realised that I've seen an awful lot of bad movies as i recognised most of the stills on his blog. He also shows an interest in music that I'd never really listen to, but I thought others might, if their attention was drawn to it. Consider it drawn.

As one blog led on to another, I came across this remix of last years favourite whistling laden ditty, Young Folks, by Peter, Bjorn & John. The first few bars remind me of the theme tune to sixties TV programme Daktari, which made a star of Clarence, the cross-eyed lion. Then it starts to funk it up proper. It's not bad either.

I kept lurching forward from website to website, by this stage I was getting a crick in my neck but it was all worthwhile when i found a real gem. This one takes me back to my youth when I was rocking out in a second-rate band (ok maybe third rate!). It's 'Don't want to know if you are lonely' by Catherine Wheel but it also featured on the Husker Du album, Candy Apple Grey. The song was written by Grant Hart who also turned out some great solo stuff. As it turns out the lead singer with Husker Du, Bob Mould, is back on the trail and is releasing a new album next week.

Last but by no means least. Naphta, flavour of the month on the national airwaves, makes an appearance on Donal Dineen's radio show tomorrow night (Thursday) where he'll be bringing along some tunes that he's picked up over the years. Donal and Naphta will be chatting about the stuff that's influenced Naphta in his deejaying and music production. If breakbeat, jungle and other electronic music genres are your bag then you'd be a fool to miss it. If breakbeat, jungle and other electronic music genres aren't your bag then you'd still be a fool to miss it. Now I wouldn't want you looking the fool. Tune in on the wireless at 102 FM or on the other type of wireless. If you are a fool and you miss it then it should be archived here afterwards.

Update: The link to the archive is bust for the last few days. Fix it you lazy shites.

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