Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Strictly Sevens Please!

I cobbled together a few seven inches that I'd purchased recently and threw in and old one that was lying around just for good measure. The result is a heady brew of sounds that an army could march on for a month. Here's the tracklisting for it:

Wooden Ships – Chris HarwoodFinders Keepers - 2008
Suedehead – Morrissey EMI – 1988
Jigsaw/Falling into Place – RadioheadXL Recordings - 2008
Three Days (Elmore Judd & Louis Slippers Remix) – HardkandyCatskills Records – 2005
Ready for the Floor (Radio Edit) – Hot ChipEMI – 2008
Darling (Jape Remix) – Sons & DaughtersDomino Records – 2008
Hey Mr D.J. (CSS Remix) – Tiny Masters of TodayMute Records – 2007

The mix starts at a fairly pedestrian pace and finishes at a nice canter somewhere around 22 minutes later. You could do worse than to take it out for a walk. God knows it could do with the exercise. Better still, play it in the kitchen and rustle yourself up a quick pasta dish. Why not have a glass of wine. Put the washing machine on a quick spin cycle. Do whatever, it really is a very versatile mix. Make what you will of it.

Matt Vinyl is Strictly Sevens Mix!


mp3hugger said...

This has genuinely inspired me to do my first mixtape in an online capacity, and guess what no spooling, pencilling, chewing or applying metallic removing substances to players of said tape of mixamatoesus.

Matt Vinyl said...

Go on. You know you want to!