Friday, February 22, 2008

the dunny

I was having one of my luchtime chats with Olan and Cormac in All City Records today when I noticed a box on the counter. I asked what they were and was duly informed that they were Dunny's. Now folks, I'm not too well up on the graffiti scene and all its trappings so i had to explore the subject further. I've always noticed some of the bits and pieces in the shop and I had some notion that they were collectible toys but that's where my knowledge on the subject ends. There was me thinking that a dunny was what Australians called the jacks. It appears that these dunny fellas are limited edition vinyl toys that are designed by graff artists from around the globe. The latest series (Series 4) has been designed by a bunch of French graff artists. To quote from the KidRobot website: "DUNNY is an action figure made of soft, smooth vinyl. DUNNY was created to be customized in a broad variety of styles by diverse artists working in different mediums." "A variety of artists rocked Dunny in this exciting new series. 123 Klan, SKWAK, Tilt, SUPERDEUX and MIST are just a few of the artists chosen to collaborate on this lovely new series."

Anyway I thought my kids would like a look at one of these things so i bought one. The lads made me open it in the shop and when I did, lo and behold, it appears that I'd gotten a 'Chase'. When I was young a chase was something you got after you'd robbed an orchard or had done a knick-knack on someones door. In the Dunny world a chase is an even more limited edition dunny. I'd bought the Chase Dunny, in a pink pinstripe suit! Apparently it's designed by SupaKitch. It appears its one of the rarer ones. Beginners luck i suppose. Here's a picture of the little blighter, he's only three inches tall!

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