Monday, February 18, 2008

The Lost Irish Hip Hop podcast

I made a podcast in May of last year that I deleted from the PodOMatic thingy I was using. I thought it might free up more space but it didn't. As a result the podcast disappeared into the ether. Fear not, spurred on by reading about a recent radio interview with Captain Moonlight I searched for the podcast so that I could upload it again. I reckon Capt Moonlight won't mind too much that I've used his tune in the podcast, the lads in All City gave me the nod. Props to Cheebah for the old photos of Scary Eire.

Anyway here's the link to the podcast below. It features Captain Moonlight, Scary Eire, The Pointer Sisters and The Banana Splits.

The Forgotten Irish Hip Hop Mix


aoife mc said...

Oh yeah, forgot the pointer sisters were from Cavan. Awesome tune though, the soundtrack to my youth.
Great podcast, lots of good tunes!
Thanks for the link holla too :)

Matt Vinyl said...

You're thinking of the Brady sisters from Arva! Big up!