Wednesday, March 12, 2008

happy birthay to Matt

Believe it or not (and I include myself in this) this blog is one year old around now. I was reminded of the fact when I saw a documentary on the Irish cricket teams exploits at last years Cricket World Cup in the Carribean. The documentary was produced by Shimmy Marcus who has had a hand in several good projects over the course of his career thus far. Included in his catalogue are a load of videos for Irish bands, the movie on Aidan Walsh, the brilliant 'A Dublin Story' and a movie featuring me auld pal Wuzza Conlon. Shimmy is also a legend for the great videos that he's uploaded to YouTube. The film-making pedigree of Shimmy might have been helped by the good genes he got from his Da, the acclaimed documentary maker and ex-Chairman of the Irish Film Board, Louis Marcus. Well done to the Marcus family, a family with an abundance of artistic integrity.

I'm not sure what all that had to do with this blog being one year old but I do like an aside every now and then as any regular readers may attest to. This is my 196th post and to be honest I never thought that I'd keep it up this long. I only started the blog to exercise my penchant for inflicting music upon whatever audience might be out there. With increased family responsibilities over the last few years I've had less time to indulge my pastimes of playing out or doing internet radio so I sought to fill the gap elsewhere. I was also spurred on by now defunct blogs that had been started by friends. Whereas their initial enthusiasm died out I've somehow managed to write something on average every two days for the past year. Anyhow, here I am a year on and its as good a time as any for reflection. And that was it.

I picked up an old Trojan box-set release called 'Good Times Skank' that was compiled by Joey Jay (brother of Norman) of the Good Times Sound System. It has five seven inches of some excellent reggae and includes King Tubby's "Serious Version", the Abyssinians "Yim Mas Gan", the Aggrovators "A Ruffer Version" and Delroy Wilson with "Better Must Come". It's skanktastic.


Shane said...

Happy Birthday,
That is a very productive year. In three years we haven't even hit that number of posts.
I'll have to get the proles to work faster.

Matt Vinyl said...

Thanks, but your posts are probably better.

I'm loathe to post stuff just for the sake of posting. Loads of blogs seem to bang up four, five and six posts a day. I assume they're working to the principle that if you throw enough shit at a wall then some of it is bound to stick. Sometimes less is more.

mp3hugger said...

Fair play Matt, you have one of few blogs i check everyday. here's to many more.