Friday, March 28, 2008

seven sevens podcast

Hello there

Coming up on this podcast is a quickfire round of seven inches that I’ve purchased recently. They’re all pretty recent acquisitions to the collection. It’s a multi genre affair but it will appeal to most of you with a wide palate. Suck it and see. If you don’t like the music, don’t blame me, I didn’t make it. If you do like the music then go and buy some more stuff by the artists that you hear.

1. The first tune on the podcast is a new release from Lykke Li on the Moshi Moshi label called Little Bit. It’s a very simple and sparse affair with a sound all the through it that sounds like a Trinidadian steel drum. I love it.

2. Next up is the latest single from Yeasayer called Wait for the Summer. Now I’m not one for making comparisons but it sounds a bit Crosby, Stills & Nash which is by no means a bad thing. At one point it sounds like Mick Jagger busts in on their session but soon gets back to the harmony laden vocal. The more I listen to it the more I like it. I hope it’s the same for you.

3. Olan and the All City crew have just released the first in a series of seven, seven inches. The first one is by Snowman but I’ve gotten my hands on a promo copy of the second release by Irish beat producer, Mike Slott. I know nothing about this guy but I like the sound of this. It’s called ‘Knock Knock’.

4. ‘We are Rock Stars’ by Does it Offend You Yeah? sounds a bit like Hawkwind meets Daft Punk down a back alley and they have a go at each other with flick knives. I do like the vocoder bit though. I have a penchant for the vocoder that stems from my love of ‘Video killed the radio star’ by Buggles.

5. Enfant Terrible by Sonny J was mentioned in a recent post and I even linked to their freaky video for the tune. It sounds like they sampled the guitar riff from ‘Now I wanna be your dog’ but it somehow seems to work. I can see drunk people going mad for this one. Sensory impairment makes it sound better.

6. The penultimate tune is by Born Ruffians and was released on the Warp label. It’s good old fashioned guitar rock and its called ‘Hummingbird’. For any Grizzly Bear fans out there, there’s a cover of ‘Knife’ on the b-side of the single.

7. The Guillemots appear to have got their hands on a new producer. In this instance Ruadhri Cushnan helps them out with their latest release ‘Get Over It’. Cushnan has worked on a wide variety of stuff over the years including work with Primal Scream, U2 and even George Michael. There’s certainly a pop feel to the production values on this one. They’ve tried their hand at a pop epic. Listen for yourself to hear the results.

Here it is:

The Seven Sevens Podcast


Bald Devil said...

Bald Devil lumbers no-one Matt. Only smug fuckers.

Bald Devil loves you all.

nialler9 said...

Matt, this is great. That Yeasayer single is different from the album - faster. Prefer the album version even if it's a bit more new age.

Nice stuff coming out of All City lately too!

By the way, I mentioned your Irish hip hop mix in the Blog Standard piece of State out on Thursday because it coincides with an archive article on Scary Eire's barnstormers gigs so don't take it down!

Matt Vinyl said...

Bald Devil - For someone whol loves us all it doesn't sound like you're feeling the love.

Nialler - Cheers. The hip-hop mix is here to stay.

jusk said...

Nice podcast.

I'm liking the Does it Offend You Yeah? & Born Ruffians tracks the most on first listen.

When I first heard that Guillemots track last week I instantly hated it. Might be something to do with the video though. I hate it a little less now.

Anonymous said...

Lykke Li has a great track I'm Good I'm Gone which is worth checking out....I think it's going to be her second single.

Matt Vinyl said...

Jusk - I'm not sure what to make of Guillemots. I bought a seven inch by them last year that I thought was much better. They seem to have sanitised themselves in the interim.

AA - One of those goofers from Peter,Bjorn & John seems to be working with her on her stuff. We can look forward to some whistling on a future release.