Thursday, March 27, 2008

you spin my records round

I was moving some turntables from one room to another last week. This new child has comandeered a room I was using to house many of the archaic musical objects that I collect. When the turntables were moved to their new resting place I thought that I'd take a few snaps. Here's some of the little beauties below.

First up is a little fella that I got in an Oxfam shop. It's cover detaches into two speakers. Its an old Phillips 447 but you can't really see it properly because of the shiny photo.

The next one is an old Sanyo that my Dad gave me a few years back. An aunt of his gave it to him so it really only had one careful owner before I got it. He also gave me a load of Scottish folk albums along with it. One of my kids chewed the stylus on it a few years back but I was able to get a replacement from some nice people in New Zealand.

This one was in my house when we bought it. It was wired to the electricty mains which I only found out after I cut a wire. The shock sent me flying across the room. It's an old 1950's Monarch and it's in perfect working order. I just had to do a little bit of rewiring so that I could connect it to an amp.

This next one is a portable Phillips from some time in the seventies. It belonged to my brother who picked it up back in the eighties. It sat in the attic of my folks house for years until I rescued it a few years back. It's in tip-top condition and is very similar to another one I have.

This is getting kind of nerdy now so I'm going to stop. I'll throw up some more at some point in the future but last but not least for today is my beast of burden. This is the one that I use most of the time and here it is hooked up to my savage JVC amp that I salvaged from Maynooth Studnts Union before they knocked it down to build a spanky new building. The amp has never given me any bother and its been lugged around the place to house parties, garden parties and kids birthday parties. It came with four 70w speakers that have also stood the test of time. The turntable itself is a really basic Sony model that I picked up for about £40 seven or eight years ago. It's a simple belt driven affair but its been steadfast in its music playing since the day I unboxed it.


red said...

very pretty indeed. the problem with living abroad is my sister has nabbed all the old ones that were in our folks house and claimed them as her own :-( I am very jealous. (of your collection and of hers)

Jusk said...

That '50's Monarch is a nice looking thing. It's certainly nicer than my plastic Bush midi-system, which plays at 38 RPM.

mp3hugger said...

Somehow after reading that I feel I know you a lot better. You are what you eat I suppose.

econgirl said...

drool. the monarch is gorge.

if you're ever having a clear out let me know :D

Matt Vinyl said...
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bren said...

They don't call you Matt Vinyl for nothing!

Matt Vinyl said...


If the truth be told, most people don't call me Matt Vinyl at all. That can be our secret though.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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