Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a pox on the children

I'd completely forgotten that I'd ordered them so imagine my surprise when the two latest releases from Trensmat Records arrived through the letterbox the other day. Trensmat are ardent proponents of the seven inch single and as such it behoves someone like me to give them support. As it turns out, they may not need it. One of the latest releases has already sold out the limited run of 500 copies. The release in question is Skelp by Astral Social Club. The other release is by The Shining Path. Both would appeal to listeners with particular sensibilities. If you're into noise then they're definitely for you. I've only had a chance to have a quick listen to them so I can't comment much further. If you're dying to listen to the tunes then just check out the releases on the Trensmat website.

Not much else going on on the vinyl front this weather. I did manage to bag a 7" copy of Loaded by Primal Scream the other day and I've finally managed to get a copy of It must be Love by Labi Siffre on 45rpm.

Right, I'm off to tend to my domestic duties. I've a chickedpox ridden child to take care of and it's only a matter of time before the rest of them get it.


Justin Mason said...

uh oh. it must be going around, one of the kids in our local creche got it on Thursday too. I'm counting down the incubation period before Bea gets all spotty too...

Leigh O'Gorman said...

chicken pox... ughhh... i remember that - hope the little 'un gets well soon

anyway, you can blame sinead gleeson and ian thrill pier for the following (or me, it doesn't matter)

I am tagging you with something called a meme. If you don't participate, then you smell and you will have many years of bad luck despite having no glass mirrors.
Details here...

mp3hugger said...

Think I preferred it when you showed pictures of jukebox's and mcsaba's and other gadgetry.

Matt Vinyl said...

hugger - you gotta take the rough with the smooth on this blog.

leigh - is there a time limit on this kind of thing. I have to think of some random facts that I haven't already disclosed online

Justin - a pox on the pox!