Monday, May 26, 2008

charly, today fm dj's & toilets

Sure there you are! How have you been keeping? I haven't seen you in ages. I've been fairly busy myself but that's another story altogether. It's been a low key interim stock-taking period since the last post. All manner of things have been going on elsewhere. The Big Boss Man Bruce Springsteen arrived in town with the E-Street entourage and they promptly bought up every pair of stonewashed jeans in Eager Beaver. They also played three nights in the RDS that you can read about here. I could hear the rumblings in my back garden which is about 5 miles away from the RDS. It sounded like he was doing a dubstep set.

Munster went and won the Hydrogen Cup and the whole country celebrated. Dustin went to Serbia and failed to wow them with his Eurovision talent. The savvy Serbian footballers knew that they should get the fuck out of Dodge when all that bad singing was going on. I went to see them in a friendly soccer match in what was Gio's first gig on home soil. It was absolute drudgery. The only mildly entertaining thing that happened at the match was at half-time. I was taking a leak in the gents when i looked to my right and Ian Dempsey was letting it flow, i looked left and Tony Fenton was relieving himself. As if this wasn't enough stellar radio talent in one jacks, when I turned around Mario Rosenstock was getting ready to take my place at the urinal. It was like the RTE Guide except in a toilet.

As if all this celebrity carry on wasn't enough I've also come across some new seven inches. The first lot are another box-set from Trojan. It's as if Tower Records put out one reggae box set a week just before I turn up there. This one is the Lee Perry 'I am the Upsetter' sevens box set. There's eight discs in all and each one is a cracker produced by Scratch. Amongst them are 'Stand Up' by Eric Donaldson and 'Bucky Skank' by The Upsetters. Bloody brilliant. They also had a load of bashed up seven inches in Tower that were selling for 99c each. One of them was a Stereolab tune called 'Interlock' so I bagged it. Stereolab rock.

Finally, an internet purchase arrived the other day. It's the original seven inch of 'Charly' by The Prodigy and it has both the original and the more well known 'Alley Cat' remix . There's nothing like a bit of early nineties rave to get the blood up. Here's the original version and it's still the best.


econgirl said...

Ah matt. I've lost count of the number of times I've checked that scuzzy box of clearance 7"s in Tower and found nothing. And then you come along and find one of the best Stereolab singles ever.


Matt Vinyl said...

You see. It pays to go into the same record shops practically every day of the week. There's nothing odd about it at all.