Wednesday, May 28, 2008

shut up and dance again

There's been a recurring theme in my recent acquisitions. Yet again I picked up a release on the Shut Up and Dance label. This early nineties dance label started out as a rap vehicle for Pj and Smiley but it soon turned into much more than that. There's a great article in the last edition of Woofah magazine with the guys from SUAD. Anyhow the one I got my hands on today was SUAD 11 which has remixes of Derek Went Mad and This Town Needs A Sheriff. The originals of both are on the 'Dance Before the Police Come' album. Old school!!!

In the same Oxfam shop I also managed to come across a tune by Top Cat and DJ Rap called Ruffest Gun Ark. It's a slice of jump-up ruffneck jungle from 1995 when the scene was probably at its peak. It was all downhill from there really. There was also a copy of the 12" of Creation by Stereo MC'S. I'd forgotten how good the tune was.

Whilst in Spindizzy records I came across the brilliant Inspiration Information album by Shuggie Otis for a ridiculously cheap sum of €7. It's in tip-top condition and is guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face when played.

I also buzzed back into Tower records to see if they'd thrown anything into the cheapo seven inch selection. Much to my surprise there was loads of good stuff in it. If anyone is about there in the next day or two I'd recommend picking up a copy of Gum by Cornelius for a measly 99c. I have it already but I was tempted to buy more copies. Instead I bought Move Me by Gudrun Gut which came out on the EarSugar label. It cost 10c. I also picked up A Brighter Beat by Malcolm Middleton for 99c. Another one for 99c was 'If that's the case, then I don't know' by The Electric Soft Parade. Check out the video they look like a real bunch of freaks. Yet another 99c job was 'The Siren's Call' by Jazzanova on the Sonar Kollektiv label. It's a lovely little ditty and I'm definitely most pleased with it.

In terms of new releases I also picked up 'Soul on Fire' by Spiritualized. I've always been a fan of Spiritualized and have been fortunate enough to see them play a few times. Glad to see them back.

Here's Tenor Fly and Top Cat getting busy in the studios of Origin FM in London fairly recently:

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Justin Mason said...

'In the same Oxfam shop I also managed to come across a tune by Top Cat and DJ Rap called Ruffest Gun Ark.'

no way! That's a tune and a half -- good find...

I'm listening to my mp3 of that now ;)