Monday, August 11, 2008

a welcome addition to the family

Here's the latest arrival. There's no model number on it but I'm led to believe its a Philips GP 220 portable turntable. I know I said I was on a hiatus from buying turntables but I couldn't leave this one stranded. It was crying out for a home. That was about five weeks ago. Since then the replacement needle has arrived from New Zealand but I still haven't sorted out a power lead for it. As such it's pictured here with the six D batteries that it takes to run it and a copy of 'What time is love' by The KLF on the platter. It works like a dream.


mp3hugger said...

I'm glad Technology Corner has returned 'cause I missed it. Nifty device, I've heard the next version will have even less memory and will be twice as big?

Matt Vinyl said...

The next version has wheels on it and a crank handle on the side.