Tuesday, August 12, 2008

damn it. let's have a podcast for the hell of it.

I thought to myself: "What the hell. These guys deserve a new podcast. So I'll damn well give it to them" So here it is. Tracklist below.

It must be love - Labi Siffre. I never tire of listening to this tune . The sentiment, his voice and the tune itself all add up to more than the sum of their parts. Its wonderful.

My World - Lee Fields
. I'm not sure if I've put this on a previous podcast but even if I did it's worth a second spin. It's a beautiful slice of soul with some lovely arrangements going on in the backing track.

Brass in Africa - Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. These dudes turned up in Battlebridge in Leitirm a few weeks ago for a gig. They were brought there by the Mantua folk and I only heard about it because someone I know got off the rent-a-cruiser thing they were on and met these guys. Brilliant.

Now I Deliver - Rockers Hi-Fi. A beat, a bassline and a hook. Now they deliver.

Wash your face in my sink - Dream Warriors - Another recent purchase on seven inch this tune reminds me of more fun times in hip-hop. De la Soul, Disposable Heroes etc. Peace and Love and all that jazz.

Organize - Mugo - This is one groovy slice of break-beat disco funk. Nuff said.

Buff Nuff - Roots Manuva. All is well with Rodney Manuva if this tune is anything to go by. If I'm not mistaken he has a new album out around now. It could be worth a listen. Dancehall flavours included.

Sticky Rhythm - Tombee. Repetitive music at its most base but it somehow manages to appeal to me. Make what you will of it.

The August Shakedown Mix


Twenty Major said...

Some lovely vinyl crackle going on. Thanks for the 'cast.

cólz said...

beautiful selection ;)

Matt Vinyl said...

Twenty - That crackle in the background is the cookstown sizzle. I always make sausages when I'm doing these things. Man cannot live on podcasts alone.

Colz - You say all the right things.

Adam said...

looking forward to this 'cast. And the Roots Manuva album is fantastic. Real quality.

Matt Vinyl said...

adam - right so, i'd better get a copy of it. enjoy the cast