Thursday, September 25, 2008

charity begins at home

There's an awful lot going down on the auld sod these days. Only a few posts ago I was banging on about the new David Holmes seven inch and since then I've gone and got the album in its entirety. 'The Holy Pictures' bursts into life with the aforementioned 'I heard wonders' tune but from thereon in its a fairly low key affair. There's a rake of sounds across the album that are reminiscent of other bands and there seems to be a lot of shoegazing stuff right the way through. I'm really liking it.

Another album due out very soon is the latest long player from Messiah J & The Expert 'From the Word Go'. It's getting a release on the 17th October and I believe that they're doing an instore in Tower Records that day. You can also catch them at the album launch proper on the 18th in Andrews Lane Theatre.

I managed to catch a tune by Roots Manuva on Later Live the other night. Not that surprising in itself but it was followed by an appearance by Dublin singer Imelda May. Imelda and her band play rockabilly music. Not something I'm all that crazy about but she did put in a fair turn on TV the other night. You should be able to catch her again this weekend on the extended recorded 'Later'.

Talking of Dublin women on the telly. I was sitting in last Friday evening watching Darjeeling Express with my good lady wife. When it ended it switched over to the TV. I can't describe the shock and revulsion at what I saw next. There was bleeding Twink wearing not much more than a smile. Not so much mutton dressed as lamb but more like tripe dressed as offal. Jaysus wept.

Thankfully there's things like the upcoming Deaf Weekender to take my mind off such horrors. There's a few bits and pieces to look forward to during the course of the festival. One event I'll be attending is the Sweet Talk evening in The Sugar Club. These SweetTalk gigs are always great and this one promises much. It features Dublin graff writer Maser, the legendary producer and sampling pioneer Steinski and the design artist John Gilsenan. Another thing I'd like to get to is the M83 gig in Vicar St on the 24th October. Check here for full details on the line-up. There's literally something for everyone.

Finally, I'd like to bring your attention to the three upcoming releases from the Trensmat label. They're a series of Hawkwind covers by the likes of Acid Mothers Temple, Kinski, Bardo Pond, White Hills & Mugstar. All in all it sounds like a great gas. I've been trying to order them from their site but it was down today when I tried.


mp3hugger said...

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...not in her eyes.

Matt Vinyl said...

she's a banger