Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Matt's B-Side Remix Extravaganza Part Deux

The long-awaited second instalment of Matt's B-Side Remix Extravaganza is now upon us. There were several who had doubts as to whether I could follow up the brilliant original with a comparable second. I say let the b-sides do the talking themselves. If it's half as popular as the last one we're in business.

This years cast comes a little earlier than last. But that's because I have a ample amount of great seven inch remixes from the last 9 months. If luck is on our side we might squeeze another in before Christmas. Right let's get busy with the track-listing.

Lykke Li - I'm Good I'm Gone (Metronomy Remix)
Goldfrapp - Happiness (Metronomy Remix)
David Holmes - I heard wonders (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
Hot Chip - One Pure Thought (Toddla T Remix)
Digitalism - Pogo (CSS Remix)
Tricky - Council Estate (South Rakkas Crew Remix)
Roots Manuva - Again & Again (Matt Helders Remix)
Jazmine Sullivan - Need U Bad (Moody Boyz Remix)

UPDATE: Just realised that list is in the wrong order. Oh well. Figure it out yourselves.

Now get it while it's hot and be sure to pass the link on to any friends or relatives who like a drop of the good stuff.

Matt's B-Side Remix Extravaganza Part Deux


nialler9 said...

nice one matt.

hadn't heard that south rakkas remix before.

Twenty Major said...

Cool, thanks.

Question though - is there a specific reason why you use m4a as the format rather than MP3?

Matt Vinyl said...

niall of the 9 hostages - it came on a different seven inch to the general issue one.

10 Sweet Afton - i record into soundforge and it produces a massive file so i have to convert it to AAC (using itunes) to reduce it to a manageable size. it's the handiest way for me to convert it. It's all a bit slapdash but it works.

Twenty Major said...

In iTunes you can use a feature which converts it again into MP3. You can set the bit rate etc in the preferences.

Also, I'm probably going to relieve my house of a load of 7" vinyl in the near future. Are you interested in it? Drop me an email if so, twentymajor at gmail etc

Matt Vinyl said...

Twenty - I'm always interested in giving seven inches a new home. I'm like a donkey sanctuary for vinyl. I'll mail ya.

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