Monday, October 27, 2008

distant cousins

I was down in the general Cavan/Leitrim area for the last couple of days but on the way there we stopped off in a place just outside Oldcastle that I'd been told about a few times. Unlike Newgrange, where they've managed to make the whole thing into a tourist experience, Lough Crew is the real deal. You'll get nads of people gathering there for the Spring and Autumn equinoxes when the sunlight enters the chamber and gradually lights up a succession of carvings on large stones inside the passage. We just reckoned we'd check out the cairn and its surroundings but when we got there two other passers by had manged to get the key for it. They invited us to check it out with them. Being a gracious type of family we accepted their invitation. In all, six adults and five children climbed inside and marvelled at this amazing piece of Irish heritage. This place was constructed in about 3500 BC and there are numerous other remains dotted about the general area. It truly is an amazing place. Apparently it was built by a load of neolithic farmers as a means of measuring time. It sure is the fanciest clock that I've ever been inside. See for yourself, I took a few snaps. Mind you I can't be arsed rotating some of the images.

There's a great view from up there but I should warn any ladies that they mightn't care for it if they've just had their hair done. It gets pretty windy up there.

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