Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I got five on it

I've been getting pretty crap at writing about the bits and pieces that I've picked up about the place. Maybe I'm just getting fussier but there really isn't as much to pick up this weather. I've also been spending less time on the internet and this means less internet record shopping. That said I've been kept pretty busy both at work and at home so I've not had the time to indulge my penchant for the circles of vinyl of late. I've been able to right this to some extent as over the past seven days I have picked up the following five pieces of vinyl.

Just writing that reminds me of an old pirate radio show, see here for a previous reference. Anyhow the latest batch are a range of new and old, four seven inches and an album. Let's kick off with the long player. Quite recently I picked up an album by United Future Organisation that I'd wanted for an age. Like buses, you wait for ages and then two come along at once. I was in Oxfam on Parliament St the other day and I came across 'Bon Voyage', another album by the same band. I haven't really had a chance to listen to it but I expect it will be something similar to 3rd Perspective, the last one that I picked up.

I chanced upon a seven inch of the by now infamous release from Electric Six, Gay Bar. I must admit that every time I listen to it a smile breaks out on my face. Its so ridiculous that its sublime. I constantly wonder when its novelty value will wear off but I'm not sure that it ever will. Little amuses the simple.

Another oldie that I picked up on seven inch is a repress of the tune 'I believe in Miracles' by The Jackson Sisters. The tune has appeared on any number of funk and breaks compilations but this seven comes with a different twist. Issued by Street Beat Records it contains the instrumental of the tune on the a-side and on the flip it just has the drum track.

The third tune is one that I missed or else just didn't bother buying before now. It's the second seven inch release from the In Rainbows album by Radiohead. The track in question is 'Nude' and its one of the slow burners from that album. Here they are doing a live version of it on VH1

Last but by no means least is the seven inch of 'Paper Planes' by MIA. It features a DFA remix on the flip side that's quite tasty.

After all that talk of Sweettalk recently, I bumped into Maser in town today and was bigging up his appearance. He was saying that he wasn't sure if he was going to do the talk but then changed his mind. He didn't mention whether it was the aul nerves that got to him or anything else for that matter. What he did say was that he was delighted that he did do it. So am I.

I found this interview with Jape on on RTE 'youth' show. Its an exercise in awkwardness but its absolutely brilliant.


Leigh O'Gorman said...

my my - the presenter looks like he really doesn't want to be there when jape is doing his acoustic bit at the end

the quiz bit is the best bit of telly i've ever seen ...probably

Matt Vinyl said...

it's so RTE it's brilliant. Richie's deadpan but earnest style isn't really doing the presenter any favours.