Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i need one of these!

I'm finally sorting out the bits and pieces to start broadcasting again on . I've a VPN set up and I'm ready to roll. Except that is for one small thing. I'm looking around the room at all sorts of turntables but only one of them plugs into the back of a mixer. As such I need another turntable, preferably a Technics 1200/1210, as the final piece in the jigsaw. Does anyone know someone who's selling one? If you do I'd welcome your help. Nice one!


mp3hugger said...

Good lad yourself, nice to see you back treading the boards again. Could you not hook the McSaba up?

Matt Vinyl said...

I hooked it up but there's no way of earthing it properly. It hums like a bastard when its plugged into a mixer. Got sorted in anyways wot!

Anonymous said...

you got sorted? A 1200? 10? pray tell Matt.