Friday, November 7, 2008

just another thursday night in dublin city

I was out and about last night; supping pints with The Mullet in Anseo on Camden St. Gerry from Beatfinder Records latterly joined us. We’d tried to blag some tickets for a Jape gig in The Sugar Club but our calls went unheeded. Apparently it was some kind of corporate thing so I’m not sure how welcome we would have been. We were chatting about heading over to Kittser’s Spilly Walker thingy in Whelan’s when The Mullet received a call from the man himself. It just so happens that he’s currently in New York and last night he completed the mix-down of his latest album. Apparently its been done by some famous hip-hop producer bloke. The Mullet told me who it was but I’ve forgotten already. In any case, Kittser’s pleased with the end result and as such it’s looming ever closer to a release early next year. We still headed over to Whelans where Graham Lambkin was standing in for Kittser. I hadn’t been in Whelans for years and the layout has changed considerably since then. The clientele hasn’t though. It’s still choc a bloc with urban culchies. It’s a slightly more chic version of that Flannery’s boozer across the road from it. I lasted about fifteen minutes in the place and had to split.

I was delighted to see my mate Lance Daly feature in today’s Irish Times. He’s receiving some press at the moment following the international plaudits of his latest movie ‘Kisses’. It follows two kids, Kylie and Dylan, on their nighttime adventure into Dublin City from their suburban neighbourhood. This came as a bit of a surprise as the last time I was talking to Lance he was banging on about a car-racing movie he’d scripted. Thankfully, he’s still planning to do that and it’s even got a working title now, it’ll be called ‘Suckin Diesel’. I’m really looking forward to that one. In the meantime I’ll make do with ‘Kisses’. It’s been very well received at a number of international film festivals and it gets a general release here in Ireland on November 21st.

In other news, Dublin horror rockers The Things have released their debut album, Some Kind of Kick on Nicotine Records. It’s available for download now from the Nicotine website but won’t be getting a physical release until the new year.

The Reach drum and bass crew celebrate their 2nd birthday next Friday 14th November in the Twisted Pepper on Middle Abbey St. It features some stellar guests in the form of Fabio, Equinox and Benga. It also features the Reach regulars and in the bar there's a reggae sunsplash from Galafari and the man like Alistan Munroe (a wonderful chap a great tie designer to boot). In reality there's something for everyone so head on down and help the lads blow out their candles. Here they are looking like the Kids from Fame.

I bumped into Conzo last night when I was out on the piss and again today when I was weighed down looking for a taxi. Conzo is a former member of Female Hercules but he's back in the saddle these days with a new band called Moutpiece. If punk and roll is your bag then you should check out their new album. You can order it from at your leisure. You should also check out Aoife Mc's recent interview with half the band here.

I picked up a couple of seven inches the first of which is by Gizzelle on Wild Records. I thought it was a rerelease of a really old tune but it turns out that its brand spanking new. It sounds like reggae rockabilly if that makes sense. You can check out a live version of it here.

The other seven inch I got was Ac/Dc's 'Whole Lotta Rosie'. I actually bought it for my daughter of the same name because I thought she might get a buzz out of it. I haven't played it to her yet but I expect she'll thank me for it some day.

Oxfam turned up two delights on album this week. The first is The Planxty Collection which features a selection of tunes from their albums 'Planxty', 'Well below the Valley' and 'Cold Blow and the Rainy Night'. It features some of their best tunes and also has some nice sleeve notes on it. The other album I couldn't resist was the soundtrack to 'The Life of Brian'. I only bought it because it has the Brian before Pilate scene on it. Thwow him to the floor.

Finally, big up to Olan in All City. I told him about my plight as outlined in my previous post and he came up with the goods for me. There was an old Vestax direct drive lying on a shelf in his shop and he sold it to me for a knock-down price. It's game on and it looks like I should be able to do my first show on Monday night. I'll keep you in the loop.


red said...

I saw 'kisses' yesterday in l.a., really good stuff. i reckon it's going to be enormous.

National Disgrace said...

Hey, know Gerry quite well, and used to be in the same class as Lance.. tell both I said Hi cos neither talk to me as I'm sort of a prick..

Matt Vinyl said...

red - i ain't seen it yet. did you see it at some kind of film festival over there?

ND - They only talk to me cos I'm so dead on. I'll pass on your regards. I wonder if they'll know you by your blogging nom de guerre? I'll ask them if they know any pricks and we'll take it from there. I know Lance from being in shit bands years ago and have rediscovered him through various mutual friends since. he's a good mate with an old junglist chum, Wuzza.

National Disgrace said...

Yeah, Go Blimps Go.. or if you will 'Alabama Blimps' as they were in an old shcol battle of the bands which I have the video.. waiting for fame to encourage me to sell.. (and that's old school in the literal sense)..

red said...

yep, i saw 'kisses' at a festival here and i see from NDs comments that we went to the same school...the things you uncover on blogs. i remember that battle of the bands too, don't have any video footage though.