Thursday, January 17, 2008

whole lotta stuff

It's a slow aul January around these parts. Even though I've been in a record shop every day this week, there's been feck all seven inches to buy. Once again I resorted to a couple of internet purchases that have failed to hit the shelves here. The first is a cover of a favourite tune of mine by Crosby, Stills & Nash called 'Wooden Ships'. It featured on their eponymously titled album but also featured on a Jefferson Airplane album as one of their members Paul Kantner was one of the co-writers. Anyhow I digress! The seven inch I've ordered is by the little known artiste Chris Harwood and has been released on the Finders Keepers label. Its apparently a limited run of 500 copies but I won't be surprised if it gets a larger run at some point in the future.

I've also ordered the tune 'Darling' by Sons and Daughters. On their last seven they did a cover of 'Killer' by Adamski that I thought was pretty shit so I didn't buy it. This seven inch features a remix by Jape (Richie Egan) and that's the only reason I bought it. I haven't heard it yet but I'm hoping its going to be good. The a-Side is produced by Bernard Butler (ex-Suede) so it'll be interesting to hear what he brings to the party.

On an unrelated note, I bought a power adaptor for my SABA McDisc the other day. I've also been trying to get a DC adaptor for an old Roland D5 that's been lying around my gaff for ages but even though I ordered one from Music Maker in Dublin three months ago, I'm convinced that the lazy cunt who took my order never wrote it down. Fuck him. As it turns out the one I bought for the SABA is a multi-voltage DC adaptor and it works on the Roland. It's time for some synth pop experimentation one of these evenings when the kids have been packed off to bed.

I've cobbled together a five tune podcast on the SABA for your listening pleasure. The sound quality is undoctored so it hums and has lots of skips throughout. I think that adds a little something to it. It features in the following running order: The first tune from Decal's 1994 debut album 'Ultramack 004' and its called 'Aurora'. The next tune is an Ike & Tina Turner cover of the Led Zeppelin classic ' Whole lotta love'. Then it's The Housemartins with 'Anxious', a tune that featured on their debut album 'London 0, Hull 4' and the rather adventurous bassline is provided by FatBoy Slim himself, Norman Cook. Adventurous that is for The Housemartins. That's followed by 'My friend Goo' by Sonic Youth, a tune that was on their 1990 'Goo' album. Finally its twelve minutes of sublime soul from the one and only Isaac Hayes singing 'Walk on By'. It's altogether a smashing affair. Check it.

Matt's Mid-January Multi-Genre Mash-Up


lukem said...

Finders Keepers seems to be a pretty choice label for the aging vinyl lover. The B-Music compilation was really good and I got the Jean Claude Vannier 7-inch the other day in Spindizzy and it was excellent.

Matt Vinyl said...

They've been releasing a load of freaky shit lately, but its good freaky shit.